Internal Audit (FR)

Created 2023-11-10 16:21

Contains numerous documents on internal audit, including standards (IFACI - French).

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    Prompt : So I want you to explain to me the interactions between internal audit and the board of directors.
  • The audit identified a need for a clearly defined transaction execution procedure, encompassing procurement policies and contract establishment protocols. The company maintains a register of the granted PoAs, however this document could be enhanced as an instrument to manage PoAs granting process. These elements are vital for managing risks, notably those related to the CEO. Inadequate transaction handling poses risks to the company and its leadership.
    Prompt : I want to exclude more important recommendations
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    Prompt : Can you write a mission letter for an internal audit at Rapido, a subsidiary of a major logistics group LogiSpeed. Rapido handles last-mile deliveries. The goal is to study the possible internal malfunctions of Rapido, and with its partners including the parent company. Use the Breeb.
  • Provided a comprehensive list of risks associated with the lack of competition in procurement processes, using technical language suitable for the field of internal auditing.
    Prompt : les risques par bullet points pour ce constat : Absence de mise en concurrence pour certains achats
  • Provided a detailed explanation of the risks and implications associated with the absence of an IT Helpdesk and ticketing system in a company.
    Prompt : compléter le constat : La société ne dispose pas d’une plateforme de Helpdesk IT et un système ticketing pour le suivi des
  • The response provided detailed steps for implementing IFACI and IIA guidelines in an audit plan, along with relevant sources.
    Prompt : How do I implement IFACI/ IIA guidelines in my audit plan?